Stoke Gabriel

Stoke Gabriel


The village of Stoke Gabriel is quietly located and largeley unknown in South Devon, and is located right on a creek of the River Dart. This is a true "local"  village, unspoilt by time and still retains marks of its heritage, from the 1000 year old churchyard yew tree in the churchyard to thre wharf and water frontage where children fish for crabs and and mullet swarm on warm summer evenings. 

There was already a church at Stoke Gabriel, almost a thousand years ago.The present "St Mary & St Gabriel" church consists of the 13th century tower and 15th century church body  The famous yew tree which is reputed to be over 1000 years old  is an attraction for visitors who can be seen walking backwards three times around the yew. The theory is their wishes will then come true. Alongside this ancient church is the "Orchard", one of the last remaining ancient apple orchards in south Devon.

"The Church House Inn"  a favourite haunt of the locals was was built to house the masons who constructed the church. The inn also acted as the Courthouse and the stocks, where drunken or lazy workmen were clamped can still be seen outside the pub.

The River Dart used to be famous hundreds of years ago for its salmon fishing industry. The salmon season (15th April - 15th August) still sees licensed locals catching the now much reduced stocks of Salmon. Where the fishermen used to repair their nets on the quay has now been converted to a car-park and leisure area for visitors. Many years ago a dam was built across the creek to create a mill pond and originally this powered a 
corn mill. 

Stoke Gabriel trade used to be serviced by Duncannon Quay. A ferry used to work its trade to Ashprington or down to Dartmouth or upstream to Totnes.

Stoke Gabriel has two village pubs, the first, the Church House, mentioend above and  "The Castle" which  is larger; offers food and has facilities for children. The River Shack, a cafe/ bistro down on the quay is open daily in the summer with food/barbecue on a friday evening.

People say it is "the best kept secret in Devon !"

Paignton is only a few miles away and so are Brixham, Torquay and Totnes, so this makes a wonderful holiday location, combing, attractions, beaches, river, tranquility and Devon at its very best.

There are  a number of villages close to Stoke Gabriel which are as ancient and more hamlets or collections of one or two houses or just Farms. Aish is one of these, being only one mile from Stoke Gabriel. Holiday Renats and Self catering cnsa be found in these locations providing complete privacy and quiet to the guests. These places, such as Aish are often well hidden gems and often see second home purchases.

Belwo you will see a beautiful example of the type of location you can expect to stay within! A short trip from civilisation by car and a stroll to the pub along beautiful Devon lanes.

 Aish Cross House

Dog-Friendly Cottages in Stoke Gabriel near Totnes


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