Paignton Property & Paignton Estate Agents

Paignton Property & Paignton Estate Agents

Paignton Property

Buying Property in a place like Paignton can prove quite profitable for those people who love to spend their holidays in a place where they can get good scenic views.

Paignton Estate Agents. (Please click the link to see a list of agents)

If you wish to purchase properties in Paignton, then you need to choose an estate agent and decide where you want to buy the property, and then go ahead with an estate agent to view properties in that area. There are several estate agents that specialize in marketing developmental properties, there is a team of dedicated and experienced estate agent professionals available who would help you to choose the right property for you.

Paignton Holiday Homes.

 Paignton is a seaside resort with a lot of activities all year around. Families have been visiting Paignton for generations enjoying a traditional English seaside resort. Peaking in the early 1970's today’s baby boomers still bring their children back year after year. Paignton has been around since the Domesday book and before, but it wasn't until the Victorians discovered the Devon coastline that serious developments occurred. Not much has changed in natural terms and the pleasures of Paignton remain much the same. Building sand castles, rich Devon ice creams, frolicking in the shallow and safe waters of the local beaches, visiting the world famous conservation Zoo and spending a few coins in those amusement arcades! The harbour is still a small local and attractive place to stroll, with Fairy cove to be found just over the harbour wall.

Further around the coast is Goodrington with its water park, seafront pub, greens and great beaches. Further on around the coastal walk is Three beaches and Broadsands, Elberry cove and Churston. More can be seen on local towns at this link.

Looking for Advice on Income Potential, whats lets and what doen't then give contact Discovery Holiday Homes, who would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Holiday Homes in Paignton


With an upward surge in property transactions people today are getting increasingly dependent on lawyers who provide excellent legal guidance from negotiating purchase contracts to professional and legal guidance, right from the beginning until end. As a strategic plan, UK is in the process of reviewing the regulatory framework so as to ensure smooth property transactions and to the benefit of clients, so professional and legal advice will give greater protection for property transactions and buying properties will be more easier. Paignton has a good selection of solicitors and accountants to choose from.


Banks play a major role when you decide to buy holiday properties in Paignton, the fluctuating interest rates play a major role and are a key factor when you take loans for buying a property. Banks are interdependent of the growth of the economy and are always keeping a close eye on the economy as well the rate of the Pound. As you step into the bank for a home loan, they are going to check if you have any existing properties that you own. The internet places a major role in bank and investment advice, but never forget your local bank manager, they arfe supposed to be lending money!


As buying a vacation home has become quite popular, various resorts in Paignton are attracting a large number of buyers, these buyers wish to have a holiday home, many insurance agents will offer insurance coverage for the contents of your new home as well the structural building too. If you are planning to stay in you new house for a longer duration, then go for insurance that covers the contents of the house also, there are a multitude of options available to provide quick assistance and insurance coverage for all items.

We can point you in the right direction for holiday home insurance. Please contact our Holiday Home partners

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